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I was compelled to work on this purely out of passion

and drive to make substantial positive changes for coffee farmers firstly in Kenya but also East Africa as a whole and the other communities in which we work for our packaging material. Africa is a continent rich in resources that are not properly honed or utilized by its own people for their benefit.

There are very many inspiring stories and experiences I have witnessed while working on this project. Many of these are personal ones, stories that I feel can help inspire other young people, especially in Kenya to dare to dream and make a difference in their communities. It is my passion and love for what I do that has kept me going even when I felt like things were not really working out.

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Awards & Accolades

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Coffee Blends

roasted with passion

  1. Breakfast Blend

    Breakfast Blend


    A perfect start of the brewed and the beautiful.

  1. Chill Out Blend

    Chill Out Blend


    Life's pleasures tastefully packed.

  1. Mara Tatu Blend

    Mara Tatu Blend


    Triple treat, triple delight, triple satisfaction.

  1. Mt. Kenya West AA

    Mt. Kenya West AA


    Pleasure that builds from the ground up.

  1. Nairobi Roast

    Nairobi Roast


    Perfect blend for life's daily grind.

  1. Kenya Rift Valley AA

    Kenya Rift Valley AA


    The sweet scent of success.

  1. Sotik Espresso

    Sotik Espresso


    Sip after sip of sunshine.

  1. Swahili Blend

    Swahili Blend


    Grains of exotic perfection.

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My vision is to challenge the status quo and promote positive social disruption within the coffee industry.

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farmer outreach director

Working hard to change the lives of Kenyan coffee growers is an insipiration in itself.

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operations director

Social change starts with how much we're willing to do for our community.

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finance director

50+ social entrepreneurs have consulted with Eric to develop their internal and investor facing financial models, first in a mentor role at the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship and most recently through RocketShip Finance where he runs workshops and publishes models and other resources that have been downloaded 500+ times.

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sales & marketing director

Materializing fair trade prices for coffee farmers' produce enhances inclusive growth.

Our coffee beans are sourced from small holder farmers